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About NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, provides a uniform framework and security standards for all industries that are reliant on technology. Becoming NIST-compliant not only ensures that your company's assests are secure, but it also serves as a foundation for other, more industry-specific regulations such as DFARS or HIPAA. NIST guidelines cover five main functions:

  • Identifying weaknesses
  • Protecting assests
  • Detecting threats
  • Responding to incidents
  • Recovering and implementing improvements

Utilizing our wide range of tools, we are able to assess the current cybersecurity risk management abilities of our clients and improve upon their infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their projects while us at Egis handle the safety and security of their information and technology.

Our Strategy

We aim to leverage our processes and technology to relieve regulated clients and those with sensitive data from the burdens of maintaining cybersecurity and information controls. In order to do this, we will elevate organizational security awareness and requirements recognition to the highest levels of management and ownership. Furthermore, Egis will help maintain a culture that is disruptive to threat actors and anyone that would harm our clients and their critical industry sectors. In order to achieve this goal and help one become NIST-compliant, we can:

  • Improve upon current IT policies and procedures
  • Meet with your auditors
  • Perform vulnerability assessments
  • Continuously monitor your websites, networks, and servers
  • Recommend, sell, and deploy a variety of products as needed
  • Perform security awareness training
  • Consultations