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If you conduct business with the Department of Defense, you are likely familiar with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). These standards work hand-in-hand in order to protect your controlled unclassified information. Becoming DFARS compliant allows one to advance in the security maturity levels defined by the CMMC framework. Starting in 2023, the CMMC standards will have three maturity levels:

  • Foundational
  • Advanced
  • Expert

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) focus on controlling the export of defense and military technology defined by the United States Munitions List (USML). Those who export goods defined by the USML are not the only ones who must be ITAR compliant, but anyone in their supply chain must also be able to comply with these standards.

Cybersecurity compliance

Our Strategy

We aim to leverage our processes and technology to relieve regulated clients and those with sensitive data from the burdens of maintaining cybersecurity and information controls. In order to do this, we will elevate organizational security awareness and requirements recognition to the highest levels of management and ownership. Furthermore, Egis will help maintain a culture that is disruptive to threat actors and anyone that would harm our clients and their critical industry sectors. In order to achieve this goal and help one become DFARS/CMMC/ITAR-compliant, we can:

  • Improve upon current IT policies and procedures
  • Meet with your auditors
  • Perform vulnerability assessments
  • Continuously monitor your websites, networks, and servers
  • Recommend, sell, and deploy a variety of products as needed
  • Perform security awareness training
  • Consultations