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Egis IT Security – Cybersecurity Risk Management

About Egis IT Security

At Egis IT Security LLC, we know that your focus needs to be on your work so that your business is successful. We specialize in working with businesses of all types on computer and network security and regulatory compliance needs so that you can focus more on your core business.

  • A privately-owned small business in Indiana – Fully U.S.-base
  • Trusted provider of information security and risk management services
  • Managed Security Service Provider / Compliance-as-a-Service / Incident Response
  • Are you ready for your auditors? Is your sensitive information protected? Can you afford not to be?
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Egis IT Security brings big enterprise methods to the small business world. Our compliance and cybersecurity training and expertise are skill sets that are often used by large companies to secure and maintain their information systems.

We apply our ITIL enterprise framework to compliance needs for all industires, then use our higher methods to elevate cybersecurity as needed based on your vertical market. For non-regulated customers, we use the NIST CSF 2.0 framework as our risk management system.

Egis can help businesses is regulated industries maintain NIST compliance.

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